Piloting UX Tools in the Library

I was awarded an Ebben student research grant in order to conduct a User Research project with the Oscar Rennebohm Library. Due to COVID-19, I was unable to fully complete my research, but the results of what I was able to do are collected in the poster below, which was presented digitally as part of the Edgewood Engaged 2020.

Garden Grow

Garden Grow is a gardening app that is a compendium of gardening information intended to help gardeners of all abilities plan, start, and care for their gardens. The concept, design, and testing of this app was created as part of a UX class at Edgewood College.

Requirements Analysis

Target Audience

Our target audience iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8 users ages 18 and above with any gardening experience who enjoy gardening, would like to start gardening, or plan to teach about gardening.

User Goals

  • Virtually plot garden for best use of space
  • Find affordable supplies at local garden centers
  • Learn about the basics of plant types, seed starting, and tools and attire
  • Find local gardening classes for all skill levels
  • Find local community gardens
  • Find information about low-maintenance gardens
  • Find information about eco and organic gardening
  • Teacher can find information on food science, plot development, and lesson plans
  • Access important information including soil types and testing and plant identification

Business Goals

  • Locate Garden Grow in the iTunes Store
  • Charge $1.99 after 2-week free trial
  • Sell advertising space to affiliate garden centers and plant stores
  • Provide a great customer service that will help to improve the Garden Grow app
  • Help the community by listing local garden centers
  • Reduce garden pesticides and promote organic supplies

User Testing

Each user was read a script and five tasks that they were asked to complete. The script and tasks were kept the same for all users.

User Tasks

Task 1 - Log in: You are new to gardening, and have never used a gardening app before.

  • A. go to the app store and search for gardening apps, then
  • B. download the Garden Grow app and
  • C. sign up for an account using your email address.

Task 2 - Beginner Resources: You are new to gardening and are looking for a guide for beginners.

  • A. find a step-by-step guide on how to get started gardening.

Task 3 - Virtual Plot: You heard of the virtual plot feature of the Garden Grow app and would like to use it to plan your flower garden for next year.

  • A. Create a new square virtual garden plot
  • B. add an azalea to it
  • C. place where you want it grow.

Task 4 - Volunteer Opportunities: You are looking for community gardens in Dane County, and you heard positive things about the DeForest Community Garden.

  • A. Find the DeForest Community Garden listing
  • B. Contact them about volunteer opportunities.

Task 5 - Lesson Plans: You are a middle school science teacher who is looking for lesson plans on planting edible gardens.

  • A. find a lesson plan on edible landscapes and
  • B. add it to the favorites section of your profile.

Testing Observations

All the users found our instructions clear and the app easy to navigate. Positive feedback of current features:

  • Users liked the easy navigation bar and the ability to go back and forward
  • Users thought the design was very streamlined and easy for beginners to use
  • Users like the simple and straight forward log in/sign up
  • Users like the organization of the home screen menu and its categories are easy to distinguish

Users suggested the following changes:

  • Add a submit button to the Virtual Plot page after you’ve filled out the information about your garden
  • Changing the icon colors on the home page to distinguish them
  • Including a way to filter plants by vegetable, fruit, etc.