Robin Gee is a Midwest-native who likes to make things and tell stories. Their work runs the gamut of UX and web design, print design, illustration, sequential art, and moving pictures.
When they aren't working on their latest creative project, you can find them playing D&D, swing dancing, or settling down with a nice cup of tea and a good book.


User Experience applies to every part of our lives, but most especially on the web, a place where we are collectively spending more and more of our time. Good user experience can make or break an app or a website, and can be the difference between accessibility to diverse populations, or not.

Web Design

We all use websites, and good web design can make or break a first impression. I graduated in 2020 with a degree in web design and development. I am proficient in front end coding languages, Wordpress, and SEO.


Video is a new love of mine, sparked by a class I took at Edgewood College. Video production is an exciting venture, and I have found that documentary-making specifically is my passion.


Art is a fundamental part of the human experience and the best kind of art is the kind that tells a story. Drawing pictures has just always been something I’ve done, and it followed that I would want to make it a part of my life ever after. I got my Associates degree in design and illustration from Madison College in 2015, and enjoy working with both digital and traditional media.


I love to tell stories and to me, sequential art represents the best possible way to tell a story through both words and pictures. I have been a co-creator of the webcomic Pin Porter: Girl Detective since 2014, and in addition to having a body of self-published work, have been published in several anthologies between 2017 and the present day.

Print Design

For as much as the world has moved increasingly into the digital realm, print design is still a vibrant industry. I have over seven years of experience working in print design under my belt, and have worked with clients ranging from small businesses to nonprofits to news organizations.


I’ve been fascinating by photography since first taking a digital photography class at Madison College. Now my camera goes with me almost everywhere, ready to capture whatever adventure comes next.